Moonlore: Strawberry Moon 

Tonight is the full Strawberry moon. The Algonquin tribe called it a Strawberry moon for it is the time to gather the wild ripen strawberries in North America. In Europe it is known as the Rose moon or Hot moon. It is also called the Mead moon or Honey moon.

The Strawberry moon takes on a warm tinge thanks to the low atmosphere of the earth. The Strawberry  moon doesn’t turn red or pink like a strawberry.

June is the traditional month to marry. A growing moon and a flowing tide will bring good luck to June newlyweds.

European families would give enough mead to last a month to the newlywed couple. Newlyweds take their Honeymoons which means ‘marriage’s sweetness.’

The best time for shrimping, clamming and crabbing is under a Strawberry moon just ask Forest Gump.
The days after following a full Strawberry moon tend to be wet and tempestuous.

So enjoy go out and enjoy the full Strawberry moon tonight.

The blushing goddess looks down tonight,

gracing us with her lovely sight.

A pink blush arrises in the goddess’s cheeks

Diana blesses srawberries near glistening creeks.

She watches the fae as they flit about

Under an enchanting moon fairies fly in and out

Sprinkling their fairy dust on strawberries to ripen them red

The fae work their magic while you sleep in your bed.

The blushing goddess looks down tonight.

~ Nifty Buckles





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