Imbolc, A Time of Renewal.

Imbolc: On February first, is an old Celtic pagan, purification, celebration to honor the Celtic goddess Brighid or Brigid means ‘exalted one.’ She is the goddess mystic/healer that is honored throughout Ireland, ‘Isle of man’ and Scotland. Imbolc celebrates Spring’s imminent restoration from winter. Brigid is a triple goddess representing the three phases of the moon and the maiden, mother and crone phases of a woman’s life. Brighid oversees the hearth n home. She is the patron of bards and poets, sorcerers, healers and magicians. She is known to have these gifts. Her priestesses honor her with a sacred flame. Later the Christian church transformed Celtic goddess Brighid to St. Brigid. Imbolc is still celebrated each year in early February by Celtic Pagans. Many Catholic Christian churches in Europe celebrate St. Brigid with ‘Candlemass’ which was taken from goddess Brighid’s ‘CandleWheel.’ Brighid’s candle wheel is circular and has candles to honor the Celtic goddess with fire for ‘hearth n home.

‘O’ Brighid Gaelic Queen of ‘fire n light,

‘Bless this home n hearth tonight!

Welcome Spring’s first warm kiss of light,

Banish, winter’s cold with flight.

Imbolc blessings and a blessed Candlemas to you and yours.

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