Krampus Night

Pre-Christian Alpine Folklore tells us about a devilish character named Krampus who origins come from dark Alpine elves.

Krampusnacht  or Krampus night in (English ) originated in Bavaria, it’s a winter festival celebrated on the eve of December the 5th an early pagan custom. People dress in Krampus masks and wear furry sheepskin,costumes with attached chains parading down the main street, ringing large bells They will hit folks with their bells (a pagan fertility ritual,) if one runs into them. So don’t get caught! 

Krampus is St. Nick’s, shadowy sidekick, it helps bring gifts to nice children on Dec. 6th. Krampus’ task is to punish naughty children.

Check out the link to the Krampus museum.,15375,type,firmeninfo.html

Source & Reference

Leclouteux Claude, Encyclopedia of Norse and Germanic Folklore, Mythology and Magic © 2005~2016 ISBN 9781620554807

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