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October has now arrived ushering, in long shadows, chillier nights, dazzling, colored leaves, and a parade of flame-orange Cinderella pumpkins.

Flame-orange Cinderella Pumpkin in the public domain

This time of year reminds me of the quaint old city of Belleville Ontario, Canada embraced by the Moira River and the Bay of Quinte.

The city originated from an old limestone building called Meyers Mills located on Station Street. Belleville was called Meyers Creek back in 1777.

Belleville’s Origins:

John Walden Meyers was the founder of Belleville.

It was first named Meyers Creek.

Meyers was also involved with running a mill, a distillery, shipping, and owning an Inn.

Meyers served as a Justice of the Peace from 1788 – 1812. He was also a Captain of the Hastings County militia, from 1798-1812.

John Walden Meyers Grave
John Walden Meyers

In 1816, Meyers Creek’s name was changed after Lady Arabella Gore, wife of Sir Francis Gore

Hidden in the Old sleepy East Hill of Belleville, Glanmore House rests among charming Victorian-era homes which are framed with scarlet Maples, golden Oaks, and orange leaves along with some old Elm trees.

Glanmore National Historic Site

Glanmore House:

Built in 1882-1883 by wealthy banker J.P.C Phillips and his wife Harriet Phillips the house is now a famous historical landmark.

The home was passed down through four generations before being turned into a museum. Its architectural style is Second Empire.

An artist who was born in Glanmore House named Phillipa Burrows Faulkner allegedly observed paranormal activities and ghosts while growing up there.

Glanmore became a busy place for certain ghosts. Phillipa, watched the drawing-room piano play on its own, and doors that sprung open also slammed shut with no visible person nearby.

She felt that the specter behind these supernatural activities was her very own Grandmother, Harriet Phillips also known as “Hattie Phillips” a small woman who had red hair and kept the house keys on her waist belt.

, Hattie’ Ann Dougall Phillips i

In 1962 Phillipa contacted a Roman Catholic Priest to enter Glanmore and exorcise the rambunctious ghosts who haunted the fine old mansion.
Some of the supernatural activities abated for a short period then started up again.

Some of the family members claim to have seen a soldier wearing a British red coat who may have well been another one of their relatives dwelling inside of Glanmore. Even their spectral Grandmother once told her granddaughter to “clean the silver.”

Upper Canada militia uniform in the public domain.

Glanmore is now a National Historic Site of Canada.

There have been reports regarding a male and a female child, who can be heard giggling, as well as running down the halls. Cold spots can be felt throughout the mansion and the feeling of being watched while you navigate the house may make you feel vexed.

A Gray Lady sighting at Glanmore:

Tea parties were held at Glanmore over the decades amongst the original owners and once the city of Belleville took it over as a historic site.

One particular visitor named Ellen gives her own experience at Glanmore when she was a girl.

Autumn afternoon tea in the public domain

“My mother and I were part of a Ladies’ tea party at Glanmore House when I was a girl. It was a splendid place, very elegant and decorated with many wickedly, charming flowers.

I was sipping on some tea when I looked up and saw a teacup & saucer flote silently from one table over to the one beside it.

An eerie gray apparition shaped like a lady picked up the teacup and silently, began to sip her tea.

I heard Mrs. Harrington gasp and then dropped her Royal Albert, tea cup which smashed onto the ground.

She was staring at the gray lady who had quickly, vanished into thin air.

Mrs. Harrington. excused herself and promptly left the tea party.”

Note: Hattie was known to wear gray silk dresses.

Now that Autumn has arrived and rustling leaves are tossed by a crisp evening breeze, during the evening some folks enjoy strolling by Glanmore only to spot old lamps switch on and off and shadowy spirits lurk in windows at night, when no one else is around.

That concludes my podcast on Ghosts of Glanmore House.

As Halloween quickly draws nigh remember the Ghosts of Glanmore.

Glanmore Historic site photo on Wikipedia public domain

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