Flora: Roman Goddess of Flowers

The Roman goddess of flowers was Flora. She was a fertility goddess and represrnted Spring. Her festival was
the Floralia, celebrated between April 28 and May 3 and symbolized the renewal of life, merry-making, and flowers began in 238 BCE.

Floral offereings were made during the festival alongside honey, floral waters and flowered oils (perfume).

She and her festival is famed for the Queen  of all May Days. Floralila was a day for flowers and to honor a woman’s body. Her festival was observed by being in the nude up until the third century CE when Roman government demanded that clothes must be worn. This pagan festival survived until the 4th century CE when the Roman Catholic Church banned All Pagan celebrations.

Her Greek counterpart was Chloris.Flowers and fruit represent fertility and new birth. Flora embodies the desires in the moment and hope in the future.

Flora’s unique flower is Lupine blossoms.

Flora by Ferdinand Keller, 1883




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