Beaivi Festival of The Sámi People

The Beaivi Festival is celebrated in the region of Fennoscandia amidst the Winter Solstice. Beaivi or Beiwe is considered mainly a female Sun fertility goddess including some male aspects. Beaivi is also considered an early Spring deity. She travels with her daughter Beaivi-nieida (goddess of healing) travels throughout the sky in a enclosed sled overlaid with reindeer bones. Together they gather and return green plants back to the winter earth to nourish the Reindeer.

During the Winter Solstice a white female reindeer was offered up as a sacrifice to this deity. The Reindeer meat was strung onto sticks bent into rings and tied with colorful ribbons in her honour. In turn Beaivi would end the winter and usher in Spring. Butter was smeared on the door-posts to feed Beaivi.

When Beaivi returns, prayers are made on behalf of those whose psychological health has deteriorated from their long, dark, harsh, winter.

Sources & References:

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*Sámi woman with white female reindeer photo credited to Lars Falkdalen Lindahl

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