Vampire Pumpkins

Halloween Countdown continues with Scary Gypsy folklore on Vampiric Pumpkins.

Just when you thought you have a safe pumpkin for carving your jack-o-lantern on Halloween night. Watch out for the full moon when you choose your potential Jack-o-lantern. 🎃

According to Balkan Romani Gypsy Folklore, pumpkins and watermelons, can transform into Vampire squash or fruit that have seeds and a hard shell. This ominous Gypsy tale warns folks that a pumpkin stored more than ten days or not eaten before Yule or Christmas will probably activate a pumpkin’s vampiric transformation.

The Gypsy lore continues to caution us, that leaving your pumpkin outside beneath a full, bright moon could trigger your huge, orange round squash to morph into a vicious vampire pumpkin.

When your pumpkin has changed you can hear the Vampire pumpkins growl underbrush with huge vines that reveal a blood spattered pattern like veins across its’ terrifying shell.

Vampire pumpkins, are famous for draining one’s aura leaving their victim weak and listless. Vampire pumpkins may entice malicious phantoms that enjoy haunting the people connected to this sinister squash.

The Gypsy legend recommends dropping the monstrous pumpkin into scalding water.

Next, break the squash up into pieces with a broom and quickly dispose of it. Remember to cautiously choose your pumpkin for Halloween.

Purchase it in a timely fashion and beware of the ones that display blood drenched veins!



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