Fairy Rings in Folklore

In celebration of Earth Day, Fairy rings are also called elf or pixie rings that can be quite large. Most fairy rings are outlined with mushrooms Folklore tells of fairy feet that create these rings in order to gather outdoors and frolic amongst the circle. If a person enters a pixie ring the Fae will punish them making them dance till they die!
Some tales speak of fairy portals, a person that wanders into the middle of the ring will vanish to the fairy world never to be found again. Spirits tend to bury their treasure in them. In the fairy world what seems like an hour is years in earth time. The dew that forms on the fairy ring is said to have healing powers.
Below two nature fairies that shape-shift into mushrooms, trees or flowers. Be careful where you step.

Written by Nifty Buckles©2018

Sources & References

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