Skađi Norse Goddess of Snowshoes, Bow hunting and Skiing

The Scandinavian goddess Skađi means (Shadow), is known as the Norse snowshoe goddess, famous for the rescue of lost and cold winter travellers. She was known to be very athletic and would ski among the mountain peaks.

She is a goddess and jötunn, (ice giant) identified with winter, skiing, mountains and bow hunting. She is also an ice goddess the daughter of Jotun Thiazi who was killed by the Aesir gods of the Norse 9 worlds. She dwells in Thrymheimer.

Skadi wished to marry the god Baldr instead she married Njörðr the sea spirit. Later on she leaves him and prefers Holler.

Skadi was worshipped in Norway and Sweden in Scandinavia known as “Skadi’s Land.”

Skadi with her wolves Illustration credited to “IrenHorrors” on Deviant art


Her totems are wolves and snakes.

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